Friday, February 15, 2013


I hope you got some sweet things for Valentine's Day.  Here is just part of my haul! ha ha  (And yes, those are socks with hearts and frogs on them.  I don't know where Sweetie finds these things, but I thought they were extra cute.)

The two books are going to be marvelous to read and view - plenty of inspiring watercolors to get me out of my rut, I hope. (One on John Singer Sargent and one on several watercolor artists from Georgia O'Keeffe to Winslow Homer and Sargent and on and on...)

I ate 3 chocolates yesterday and got a migraine an hour later :(  Perhaps I should just go cold turkey with chocolate and call our lifelong romance to an end?

I also got flowers and a Starbucks card!  Wheeee!!!

But I didn't just sit around eating chocolates and looking at watercolors and wearing my froggie heart socks.  I even went down to my art room (after the migraine eased up with medication) and began the little black calf painting again.  This time, the wall will be white.

I masked the calf off and the upper part and bottom part and splattered and sprayed water to get the look of the wall so it remains white with some splotches.  Then removed the masking and did the bg and the foreground.  I think I'm going to make the foreground darker and more muddy looking than green.  Then I'll paint the little calf in black without using black.  Last time I used Prussian Blue + Pyrrol Scarlet.  I'll use a different mix this time.


Leslie Redhead Watercolors said...

It looks like you are loved:) The socks are awesome! I think you are right about making the wall white this time. It will make that little calf really pop!

Irina Rekhviashvili said...

This sounds like the bohemia life of a painter. Presents, chocolate, art creating.. Frogs and hearts suit so good..
I am sorry to visit infrequently this winter.

Lorraine Brown said...

What a fantastic array of gifts, sorry though about the chocolate headache, I often paint with a 3 day one but painting takes my mind off it so well

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Who is a lucky lady then! Froggy socks, what more could a girl ask for? The Sargent book is one of my favourites - so inspiring.

Sadami said...

Hi, Rhonda,
Nice! What a productive Valentine you had!!... and, hey, how much you're loved!!!
Cheers,wink,wink, Sadami

CrimsonLeaves said...

Oh what a fabulous Valentine's Day you had! Migraines are the worst. Mine have lessened as I've gotten older, plus I take a daily prophylactic to prevent them, which has also helped.

RH Carpenter said...

I am truly loved, Leslie, and so grateful for it :) I think the white wall will make the difference.
Yes, Irina, all it needs is wine! ha ha
Lorraine, thanks - I'm on day 3 and it feels like a neck muscle problem right now. We'll see how the day goes.
Lisa, I am one lucky lady! Love pouring over the Sargent book - all those gorgeous watercolors!
Sadami, yes, I am loved so much and it shows :)
Sherry, I have a super med that kicks it when it begins - if I take it quickly enough. But it doesn't do anything for the soreness the day after. Such is life with a wonky head!!

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Rhonda - it looks like your sweetie didn't forget you at all. Bet those books are awesome. Glad your migraine eased - anxious to see your new rendition of the cow. Have a great day.

Kevin Neal said...

I misinterpreted the scale of the photo at first and thought that was a giant sock shaped sleeping bag and a heart shaped bean bag chair on your floor. That would have also been cool to get.

RH Carpenter said...

Kevin, you're right! A giant beanbag chair and sleeping bag would be cool, too :) ha ha

Debbie, I've gone through the Sargent book and have just begun the big Awash in Color book - it has 266 pages and is too heavy to hold it up and read! You have to put it on something and open it and read it!

Pam Johnson Brickell said...

Chocolate, socks and wc... Good Hubby :)