Sunday, February 3, 2013


As I said last Sunday, I'm a bit behind on posting my Sunday Sharing post where I share the new bloggers who have become followers of my blog recently.  So this will be the first for 2013 and it's a good bunch with a good variety of styles and interests - so I hope you enjoy:

1.  Wildlife with Whitley.  This blog's creator is 12-year-old Sian Whitley.  She is already showing the promise of becoming a very good photographer.  She is the daughter of Sharon Whitley, watercolor artist and mountain hiker in Wales.  With that in her background, she has to have a good eye for color and composition.  Plus she learns from Sharon's partner in wildlife appreciation and hiking, photographer Gary Jones.  I admire both of these artists and you can spend days looking at Gary's photos and then going to Sharon's blog and seeing her renderings of some of those photos in watercolor - a pretty amazing couple and I'd have no chance of keeping up with them on their mountain hikes in all weather!  Go over and leave Sian a comment and let's keep her photographing!!

2.  Jose Antonio Sanchez Rumi is, as the name implies, a Spanish artist (at least, I think he is based in Spain - there was no location info on him so I'm assuming).  Jose shares his work in water and color in his blog named My Experience with Water and Color.  All beautiful watercolors, I really like that first painting of olives on the first posting you'll see, and his landscapes and his still lifes and...well, just go and see for yourself!

3.  JewelryStash is just one interest of blogger, Pat Thomas, of Chicago.  Lovely stuff, especially when thinking about Valentine's Day!  Her other interest seems to be coconut in all it's flavors and scents, and she shares that (with recipes) on her second blog, The Coconut Lover's Mojo.  Spend a little time visiting Pat's blogs and enjoy!!

I normally only share 3 blogs on Sunday Sharing posts, but since I'm behind, I'll add a few more new followers you may want to visit and enjoy:

4.  I like the title of this blog, Sketches of Words.  The blog is the creation of Philippine artist and college students, Jessica P. Lopez.  Jessica just finished the 30 day sketching challenge and I'm sure she'd love to hear from you about her work.

5.  Last, but definitely not least, is Lorraine Brown, whose watercolors are light, lovely, and I'm sure her blog will become a new favorite for you if you like to see how watercolor is done well.  Pop over to her self-named blog, Lorraine Brown Watercolours, and enjoy!  Lorraine lives in beautiful Australia!!!  As they say down there, "Good on ya, Lorraine!"  I've only been once and loved Australia and each time I watch the Australian Open tennis matches in January and it's warm there and cold here, I think I should return - ah, but such a long trip to just get there!!!  Couldn't you move it just a bit closer, Lorraine?

That's it for today and I'm caught up for 2013 now!  Thanks so much to all the bloggers who are now followers of mine.  Have a wonderful 2013 - and I'll see you later!!


Lorraine Brown said...

Thanks Rhonda for sharing my blog today and for your kind comments, yes it is a shame Australia is so far away for you and me - we love to travel but sometimes the thought of the 24 hour flights seem just too daunting

RH Carpenter said...

You're so welcome, Lorraine. I really like your watercolors :)

Pat Thomas said...

Hi Rhonda, Thank you so much for the kind words about my blogs. I want to tell you that your art is stunningly beautiful. Mind you, I am not an artist. But when I look or "see" your work, for a fleeting moment I turn into an artist. I get to "see" like this at the museum and when following the exact instructions in "Drawing on the Left Side of the Brain". Then POOF my "seeing" is gone. Thanks again Rhonda, for the great art!

RH Carpenter said...

Pat, thank you! You've put a smile on my face this morning with your kind comments. Keep learning to see with the artist's brain - it is something you can learn :) You have one of the best museums in Chicago - I could live there! ha ha