Monday, April 30, 2012


Two postcards going out today - one going to a sunny state, another going out of the country (hope it makes it!).

I put copper leaf on the front and where it didn't stick, it looked like a kangaroo.  So I added some things and painted in the kangaroo (after adding some texture medium to the shape to make it stand out a bit). 

On the back, I painted more texture medium and then color and liquid graphite to carve the hills you'd see in the Australian Outback. 

The second postcard was a saying copied from a stamped card a friend in watercolor class (thanks, Carol!) gave me year's ago (I never throw away something artful). 

I kept this one pretty simple with delicate colors.

I also added a sticker I got years ago (told you, I never throw something artful out) from Margaret

I then drew the wings so it flies to its destination!

I'm working on 2 full sheet paintings, trying to get a couple of Caw Girls to enter in the upcoming Cincinnati Art Club's Viewpoint juried show.  Not having anything ready to enter is putting some pressure on me and I may not even do it this year.  We'll see how these 2 paintings work out.  And tomorrow (rain or shine), I'm going to drive over to Indiana to visit with Deb and Sharon and share all the neat stuff I learned in Myrna's workshop recently - and paint together, too, if there's time.


CrimsonLeaves said...

What a fun post, Rhonda. You always have exciting art goings on in your life. It takes me weeks to finish one painting.

RH Carpenter said...

Sherry, these are so small and easy to do - just get them in the mail and hope for the best!