Thursday, March 29, 2012


Spent some time painting with my grandgirl, Alaina, Monday.  She is becoming quite a good little watercolorist and it makes me happy to see how much she enjoys it.  She and I painted while grandgirl Jocelyn and Grandpa Jerry played air hockey (Jocelyn got to paint later).  We included a visit to the park where we all got pretty muddy (the ground is really saturated) and had to put our socks in the laundry when we returned.  Jocelyn and I even ran around the back yard kicking (okay, I tried to kick) the soccer ball and Grandma Rhonda almost had a heart attack!!  It was a good day except Jocelyn had a horrible cold - or maybe it's allergies (the pollen count in our area is in the thousands!!! when it's normally in the hundreds right now).

So the title for this post?  Well, Alaina says, when someone beats her at a game, with her finger and thumb up to indicate a large letter L, "I'm a Loooozer!"  We all laugh and let her know she is not a loser just because she lost a game!  But, of course, you often feel like a "Looozer" when you don't get into a juried show, and that's what just happened to me. 

I'm of a mind to believe that this painting is jinxed so it didn't have a chance, anyway.  A waste of money and time spent getting it matted and framed and then reframed (because a 3/4 inch frame was put on it when I was pretty sure I asked for a 2 inch frame), and then reframed again because the framer shot nails through the 2 inch frame the second time around.  Jinxed.  So...I shouldn't be surprised that it didn't get into the WACC Show.  And it didn't.

However, today, I drove out to the country to paint and visit with Deb and Sharon and although we didn't make any earth-shattering artwork, we did take a very nice, long walk around the lake on Deb's property and I really enjoyed that.  The ducks on the lake, Stray larumping along ahead of us and getting as wet as he could, and the redbuds blooming made for a perfect end to the day.  And Deb's painting of geishas got in the WACC show (as it should - it's a gorgeous painting!).

So, if you're in the area, do stop by the WACC Juried Show in Mariemont at "The Barn" and see who got in the show this year. 
When?  Opening reception April 1 from 1-4 with awards at 2 pm. 
Where?  Woman's Art Club Cultural Center, 6980 Cambridge Avenue, Mariemont, OH.  How long?  Exhibit continues 1-4 pm April 5-7, 12-15 and last day is April 29.

Congratulations, Deb!  You're a winner!


CrimsonLeaves said...

Such a beautiful painting too, Rhonda! I am sorry it didn't make the show. I'm not able to stand rejection too well so I haven't even ever entered a show! Maybe one day I will.

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

L is for.....lively, lucious, light, liquescent... just four that spring to mind.

Who knows why the judges pick what they pick on a different day their selection would have been entirely different. It's not a looooser to me ;o)

Jane said...

Unfortunately we can't win them all, but you are a good sport, and maybe the painting can be used in another show so you don't feel you lost the money on framing and matting.

RH Carpenter said...

I think I can take the rejection, Sherry, but I think I wouldn't be human if it didn't disappoint a bit and cause some sadness - one always compares to the others and thinks, "Why not this one; why this one?"

Thanks, Lisa and Jane :) When picking up my crows yesterday, we got to see all those against the wall that were losers - there were some good paintings in that bunch so who knows why one gets in and another doesn't. The judges were 1) an oil painter and 2) a batik and collage artist - so some of the watercolors that got in look like batiks!! Deb's painting of geishas is a winner - I hope it gets a big award.

debwardart said...

So glad you enjoyed Thursday! Thanks for the kind words, but, I, too, am a LOOOOZER! They call if you are getting an award and - no call! The paintings that were rejected could have made their own show! Some were great - that was a hard show to judge. They needed their own "Salon Des Refusees"!!! And your painting is NOT jinxed - try, try again! See ya Sunday!

RH Carpenter said...

Well, you know I think it should win a top award but no one ever asks me to judge! ha ha