Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Well, how could you call this April 2012 issue of Watercolor Artist anything but their OMG Issue?  Why?  Well, look who is sharing information and paintings inside:

Maggie Latham, with an 8-page spread;
Thomas Schaller, with a 10-page spread and the cover;
but that's not all!

There's also
Myrna Wacknov, sharing her ideas and a challege for the Creativity Workshop feature;
Nita Leland sharing her insight on watercolor collage
Shirley Trevena, with a 6-page spread!

So what would you call this issue but the OMG Issue? 
How much talent, beauty and knowledge could they have packed into this magazine?
Well, there's more.  You'll just have to go out and buy it if you don't subscribe.  You do not want to miss this issue!!

I got my issue in the mail yesterday and I intend to settle down in the sunroom with no distractions, sip a nice cup of coffee and enjoy every single word and painting in this one.


Anonymous said...

Rhonda, as soon as I flipped the pages, OMG is exactly what crossed my mind! Not, I hasten to add, because of my article and work, but the unity of the magazine, the design and the wonderful articles, and artists work throughout the mag. I have written for the magazine three previous times, once about creating your own Giclee prints (when it was still Watercolor Magic), another as part of an article about selling your work through different outlets and another piece on lighting. A little of my article had to be edited due to space and page layout, so I hope it reads coherently. My only regret is the dreadful photo of me I submitted for the featured artist page! It is actually a head and shoulders of me painting from he back of an open vehicle on New Years day a couple of years ago…my husband took the photo and I was concentrating and freezing! It’s one of only a few photos of me actually painting that I have. I think I look a fright (lol). I only wish I still lived in the States and could demo and hold some workshops with the various watercolour societies there. Hope you enjoy it. You’ll recognise some of my paintings from my blog and the washes blog.

Caroline said...

Rhonda why have you got April's edition so early on it is only February tomorrow? Is this an American magazine I must ask Maggie if I can buy it in this country. I would love to see the pages with her featured.

RH Carpenter said...

Maggie, don't worry about the photo - maybe next time do a glamour shot and really wow them (but I have a feeling it's all about the paintings and information, and most won't do more than glance at your photo - and I do like the idea of it showing you actually painting!).

Caroline, these are always early - don't know why it's so early but that's the way the mags are when you subscribe, as I do. I believe it comes every other month so you get 6 issues per year and the previous issue was the February issue (although it's not even February yet!).

CrimsonLeaves said...

I need to subscribe!

RH Carpenter said...

Sherry, it's one of only 2 mags I subscribe to now and both are very good.

Watercolor Sketching Techniques said...

I like what you wrote...makes me want to order this magazine!!!! thanks for the information.

RH Carpenter said...

WCSketching, thanks for stopping by - you will enjoy this magazine and I hope you get this issue (it is really really full of great stuff). I checked out your blog and I have to say, Happy Belated Birthday (looks like we share the same birthday :) and good luck with your wc sketching journey. I hope you share some of your sketches soon.

Vandy Massey said...

Great post, Rhonda. I've just found the subscription page online and will be subscribing. Which is the other magazine you get? Sounds as if you've checked out quite a few and selected these particular ones.

Myrna Wacknov said...

Rhonda, thanks for mentioning my name. This is driving me crazy as I haven't received my copy yet. I did hear from a friend that she had seen the issue. The publishing dates are a mystery. I hope you do an experimental painting and submit it just for fun. I am looking forward to meeting you in person in just a few short months!

RH Carpenter said...

Vandy, I've subscribed to 4 and have kept only 2 - the Watercolor Artist magazine and one simply called Watercolor (it comes out only 4 times a year so is full of good info every issue).

Myrna, I wonder why some of us got our magazine so soon? Perhaps the closer to the publishing house you are, the sooner you get it? I think F & W Publications is in Cincinnati? I would think they would send everyone who has an article an early copy! Looking forward to meeting you, too - have everything arranged and am going over the materials list to see what I may need to buy or borrow from friends.

Pam Johnson Brickell said...

Okay, when I go get the newspaper this morning I've added one more item to the list :)