Sunday, January 8, 2012


I finally got 3 new followers and every time I gain another 3 new ones, I share their blogs here on my blog.  I've discovered some wonderful blogs this way and perhaps you do this, too; checking the sidebar and the followers opens up new avenues of art all over - what fun!

So today's featured artist/bloggers/followers are:

1.  Irene Georgopoulou - I think she's either Greek or Turkish but that doesn't matter (well, it does to her, of course, but not to me because it's all about the art, right?).  And her art is Gorgeous!!! Pastel that just sings on the page, realistic but more than that and she has an eye for choosing beauty in the simple things and making them more beautiful with her talent and skill.  Don't miss out if you just want to see some beautiful artwork in pastel - wow!!

2.  Jude Decker of Blue Art Pup blog - and I don't even know if Jude is a Miss or a Mister; and, again, it doesn't matter.  Check out Jude's drawings of Milo and Gus, two little mice, and follow along as they get into simple adventures (well, big adventures for little mice like these).  I loved the Christmas tree hung with...well, you go over and see for yourself!  Jude is also part of the Urban Sketcher group so does a lot of sketching and drawing and doodling. 

3.  Vicki Holdwick of Faint Heart Art has been on my sidebar for a while but never was a follower before so I get to feature her now, too!  Vicki makes art and fights against her inner critic so she can free herself to create more personal art.  She makes books and mixed media work and she's set herself a challenge to do one 30-second figure drawing from the PoseManiacs site - all in a beautiful journal that she'll keep for a year.  Now, won't that be fun and so cool to look back on in a few months so see the progress and change?  Go over and tell her you're supporting her challenge to herself - but don't offer to help her clean up her art room (any woman who can do 1 hour jogging on the treadmill doesn't need our help! ha ha).

4.  The latest follower to join is Juan Manuel Remesal, an artist from Seville (if I'm reading the blog correctly).  Beautiful photos of buildings and galleries where he shows his artwork are included in the blog.  Take some time and scroll down and enjoy!

And just because I discovered this today and spent some time enjoying the photos, take a look at this photography site which hosts challenges to recreate famous artworks.  I loved the self-portrait ones!

(Yes, all those "o's" are a pain in the butt - I think there are 7 of them.  Check out the Frida Kahlo recreations and the Van Gogh and...well, just check it out!)

Happy Sunday!


Vicki Holdwick said...

Thanks so much for mentioning my blog and saying such nice things about it. I've been a subscriber for a long time, but I hadn't added a follow list to "my info" on my blog until recently when I realized that half the fun of finding a new artist for me is to check out the blogs they follow. I have found some wonderful blogs that way.

I absolutely cannot believe Irene Georgopoulou's art. I have subscribed and have been just staring at some of it - they look like photographs - holy moley!

Love your blog,


Anonymous said...

What a fun post and I enjoyed seeing each of these sites. Thanks Rhonda!

RH Carpenter said...

Vicki, I always enjoy hearing from someone I've featured! Hope you are keeping up with your challenge to sketch one figure a day - this will create so much growth in you that you won't see it for a while but looking back, you'll be surprised!

You're welcome, Sherry - glad to share great work with others!