Sunday, December 4, 2011


"The truth you believe and cling to makes you unavailable to hear anything new."
                                                                Pema Chodron

In our artwork, we cling to certain things we believe are true.  We believe we know where we stand in terms of our own knowledge, ability and creativity. 

When we create, even if we tell ourselves differently, we commit to that creation.  Each brushstroke is ours and that painting becomes more ours as we continue to work on it.  It becomes too precious; especially if we had a really good idea in the first place.

So what do you do when a good idea doesn't show on the paper or canvas?  Are we too invested in something we've done to be able to change it to try to make it better?

What truths do we cling to in our art?  What "truths" do we need to throw out to make room for other "truths" in the future?

Are you good at composition?  Value?  Color choices?  If not, is it because you are stuck where you are because you have too many beliefs clogging up the works?  Can you take an objective look at your own work and see the good and the bad?  Can we hear and/or learn something new?  And, can we hold on to the beliefs which are true without letting someone else have an opinion that makes us challenge everything?

Is it easy creating art?  No, it's not.

Is it worth every agonizing moment you spend being unsure or confused?  You bet your bright pink macarons, it is!

Now - go create something!


Anonymous said...

A perfect pep talk! Thanks Rhonda!

Cindi said...

wow!!! are you going to make me think this early on sunday morning????

its true we get stuck and we do the same things over and over.. even if it doesn't work sometimes, or even most times... we get in a rut.. and don't take risks .. and push ourselves outside the box.. thanks for the friendly reminder and gentle push...:)

hw (hallie) farber said...

A great quote. I read it this morning and thought about it all day.

RH Carpenter said...

You're welcome, Sherry :)

Cindi, yes, thinking even on Sunday morning! ha ha

Hallie, it struck me, too; I've been reading and trying, once again, to break attachment (so strong in us all). Truth comes into play with that - as with everything!

Caroline said...

Hello Rhonda, I believe many artists have work they sell which may follow a theme or certain style. They also have drawings, paintings perhaps even sculpture that is very different, I believe that work is for them, their own expression. I recently painted a stone and discovered it to be very interesting and something I would not have believed I could do or find of interest. I think I will mention it on my blog... you have got me thinking now! said...

great quote and post. Thanks!

RH Carpenter said...

Caroline, I think you're right - it's too bad those who sell have to paint for the market instead of sell what they love and fell a connection to from the start :)

You're welcome, Carol!