Thursday, December 15, 2011


Jane Minter, of Jane Minter's Sketchbook blog, has awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award. 

She got her award from Irina of Irina's Paintings and Stuff blog - and Irina awarded me at the same time.  Jane is just catching up. 

So I'll just say thanks so much for thinking of me and my art when this came to you, Jane.  But I won't go into the things about me and the others I need to send to (already having done that the first time).

Tomorrow, I may go over to paint with Deb and Sharon. 

I'm also going to do a little more practice with wet-in-wet before starting on the Caw Girl redo, like the little leaves continuing below...

The next step in the book (the book is called Wet-on-Wet Watercolour Painting by Ewa Karpinska and I recommend it to anyone wanting to learn more wet-in-wet techniques):  Actual paintings using the wet-in-wet techniques Ms. Karpinska demonstrates. 

The first painting is apples on a counter with a window in back.  I have the first bits of this done and next step is working on the apples. 

I'm using Saunders Waterford coldpress 140# paper for this and it holds the moisture well.  It has a warmer tint to the paper than Arches or Fabriano.  (I kind of like the abstract look of this at this stage :)


Pam Johnson Brickell said...

Congrats, Rhonda! You are versatile and so much more. For me you are an Energizer Bunny. I only know a few and feel so blessed that I have bunnies in my life! Your go-for-it attitude, willingness to experiment and keeping-on gives me hope and the spirit to give it a go. Thank you for being you!!

Anonymous said...

I am so loving those leaves, Rhonda!

RH Carpenter said...

Pam, you are too kind! I so appreciate your support and friendship :)

Thanks, Sherry! I may have to stick to leaves as the larger paintings aren't turning out well - yet! ha ha

jane minter said...

thought you and your blog deserved a second mention and award rhonda !!!'s a super book ...olivia saw her painting early this year and mentioned a new book not sure if it is only in french though ...leaves are good :)... and thankyou

Olivia said...

Yes Rhonda, I recognize this exercice and leaves . Great idea. Jane, Rhonda, Ewa Karpinska's new book is available until 28/10/2011.
I didn't bought it yet, but I surely will ! Yes Jane, you are right... I am afraid in french only ;) Bises.

RH Carpenter said...

Thank you, Jane. You and Oliva are inspirations to me of how wet-in-wet should be :)

Merci, Olivia. I will check out her webpage and wait for that book in English :)