Thursday, June 2, 2011


On Wednesday, May 25th, I joined in the online webinar from Artists Network Online Events.  It was the program from Catherine Gill (http://www/ and Beth Means ( on Powerful Watercolor Landscapes.

Now, I don't do landscapes.  But for some reason, this spring all this green green green and blooming and bursting with life landscape all around me is making me want to give it a go.

So I watched the webinar (less and one hour and then questions answered), and got a discount on Catherine's book called - what else - Powerful Watercolor Landscapes.  I have been going through it, a little at a time.  I haven't painted anything yet but I can feel an itch starting to try - even if it's just little watercolor sketches of trees and things.  So that may be next for me.  In the past I was just too overwhelmed with greens but I think I can create a nice variety of greens.  Not too sure about plein aire painting but I've even picked up a listing of the Southwest Ohio Plein Air Painters to see where they go each week and some are fairly close.  Hmmm...just something buzzing in the back of my mind about this and hoping I will just do it this year instead of worry about not being able to do it.  Afterall, it's just one more thing to learn, right? ha ha

I do like Catherine's statement about your Job Description for landscape artists:

"My job as a landscape painter is to thoughtfully capture the response I feel to the landscape, not to accurately paint the things I see in that landscape."  See the painting on the cover of her book for a perfect example of that :)

So I'm studying a bit and will give it a go very soon. 

Sorry I haven't been very active lately, but so much going on (jury duty, local art show which I'm helping organize, my final online SWAP group paintings, watching the French Open tennis matches, etc.); and Sweetie went away (to the Galapagos Islands) for 10 days and just returned this week so lots of catching up and downloading photos and doing laundry and all that stuff.  I'll share photos of the blue-footed boobies soon from his trip.


Jane said...

Rhonda you are such a busy lady, I wonder how you manage to do all the things you do and still find time to write on your blog.
Glad to hear that Spring finally showed up, enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

Rhonda, this sounds very interesting! So glad you ear going to try some landscape work in watercolour. Do e-mail me if you think I could help in any way. My class have been painting plein air for several weeks, and it can sometimes be overwhelming. Last week we had an inside session to go over techniques again, as they seem to forget everything I've taught them over the months when they get outside (LOL).

Suzanne McDermott said...

Jury duty! Galapagos! Enjoy your time away from the screen. Plenty of nature to behold to keep you cooking on landscape greens. The trick with landscape greens to to recognize (perceive, represent) the primaries and values. XO

RH Carpenter said...

Jane, it does get a bit overwhelming at times - I enjoy blogging but some of my online duties seem like just one more thing I have to do (at times when things are building up) - which is why this upcoming SWAP will be the last for the group. Time to move on. Yes, we are actually into summer now - 90F and humid :( No real spring except for the rains.

Maggie, I will take you up on that if I get lost or frustrated!! The outside is calling to me but I do not like heat, humidity, or bugs! ha ha We'll see what comes from this desire.

Suzanne, I know you have been doing beautiful landscapes and know what you're doing but I think it would still be a bit overwhelming for a newbie like me - green and green and a touch of reddish brown or orange and more green :) ha ha Loved your newsletter you sent the other day!

I did do landscapes when we took our Yellowstone trip - that landscape was just so powerful you couldn't NOT paint it - or try. And that worked out fairly well. Maybe some red-tinted sunglasses so I see the values first?

Pam Johnson Brickell said...

Jump in girl, the greens are wonderful :) So is bug spray, shade and a good breeez!

RH Carpenter said...

Pam, I hear you with the bug spray! ha ha And hat and sunscreen and...

Teresa Palomar Lois said...

Ooooooooh Rhonda I'm so exited for you taking on this new adventure, conquering greens and landscapes and plain air at once! you brave girl, it's going to be so much fun!