Saturday, October 9, 2010


It was just too beautiful to stay inside today, so my Sweetie and I drove up 71 North to Sharon Woods park.  First, we saw the gallery show of MasterWorks (paintings in oils, acrylics and watercolors/pastels by John Ruthven, John Agnew, DeVere Burt, Ann Geise, Linda Howard Bittner,etc.).  The work was mostly photo-realistic so didn't move me much.  Ruthven is a local celebrity and his style reminds me of the work of Audubon I've seen.  One of Agnew's paintings - a landscape - was gorgeous with light flickering through the very green trees.  Ann Geise's work was sometimes more painterly.  The show finishes tomorrow if you like nature art and are interested in seeing it.  The prices ranged from ~$100 for a small giclee print all the way to a very non-watercolor style watercolor priced at $13,000 (I like penguins but not that much!).  

After we visited the gallery, we drove over to the harbor and walked around a while, enjoying the heat of the day and the sunshine.  It could be the last beautiful weekend in the 80F's!  Here are some photos Jerry took to share.

This tree made me think of a Las Vegas dancer with an outrageous headdress, doing a high kick!

You can rent paddle boats and paddle easily around the lake, taking in the scenery.  Or bring your own fishing pole or canoe.  

My favorite scene - this says autumn to me, my favorite time of year. 

Hope you can get out and enjoy the weather in your part of the world today.  If not, pretend you're walking up this beautiful leaf-strewn path today, taking in the sights.  


Prabha N. said...

I had seen the fall same time last year for the first time, was stunned by the yellow orange profusions. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Irina said...

Beautiful photos. We have the sunny and warm day today, the forecast told that this would be the last day in rainy cold future. I will go for a walk for sure.
When do we sell our "penguins" for 13.000?)))

Gary L. Everest Paintings said...

Hi Rhonda,
Seeing that golden tree as a Vegas dancer is brilliant! I would be all over that idea. I hope you do something with your idea. I'm certainly looking forward to seeing whatever you paint.

RHCarpenter said...

Glad you enjoyed the photos, Prabha and Irina (we can dream of thousands for our paintings...I think that's as close as I may get in this lifetime).

Gary, not sure I'd know how to paint a Vegas showgirl...but we'll see :) ha ha

Gretchen Bjornson ART said...

Awwwww.....Rhonda, makes me miss my hometown. I love Sharon Woods, although Miami Whitewater offers wonderful opportunities as well for good photos. I use to work close to Sharon Woods and would occassionally drive there for my lunch break and sit at a picnic table to eat my lunch. Thanks for sharing! I also enjoyed your Vegas showgirl tree interpretation....I can see it too!

RHCarpenter said...

Sorry to make you homesick, Gretchen, but hope you enjoyed the photos. There are so many beautiful parks in the Hamilton County system. And this weekend was spectacular (of course most people were inside watching the Bengals and the Reds lose :(

Rachel Rolseth said...

Love the tree! Every fall when there is magick in the air, if I am in the right mood, I can see that all trees have a dance. Some are funny little dances that are short and choppy, some oaks have long, sensual and bending dances, and heck, some are vegas showgirls with golden headdresses. Thanks for the pictures!

RHCarpenter said...

Rachel, you said it - magic in the air in the autumn as days cool and trees shine! Right now, though, we're having more of summer - strange to have 85F weather and autumn trees and still only the promise of rain at some time in the future.