Sunday, October 31, 2010


I seem to enjoy painting in the darkest darks first and then moving on.

The lilies will be shades of violet and purple with some surprise colors.

I seem to have popped out of my rut now.  I don't know what did it - what made me change.  Maybe I just stopped pressuring myself so doesn't mean I LOVE what I've been painting lately but they don't look so bad to me right now.

I never stopped painting but did go to flowers for a few days and that seemed to help with the pressure.  Maybe because I know I can paint a pretty flower?  (My inner meanie says, Yes, but it's just a pretty flower - and I hit her over the head with a family sized Hershey's chocolate bar so she'll shut up.)  I know a lot of artists who, when they get into a funk, paint pears.  I can't paint a decent pear to save me!


Gretchen Bjornson ART said...

I have not painted a pear or fruit for that matter.....might have to try that some week.

debwardart said...

Good to go back to what you know - helps you regain confidence!
So that's what to do with a Hershey bar - innnnnteressssssting!
Sincerely, A Pear Painting Artist!!

Vicki Greene said...

Just to help you with your inner meanie I had a chocolate bar too. My what friends will do for each other - lol. I am glad that you are feeling better about your work because you are an excellent artist even when you are painting flowers. Nice greens and looking forward to seeing this progress.

RHCarpenter said...

You would think a pear would be easy but I can't stay loose enough, I think, Gretchen.

Deb, yes, use those large bars for hitting your inner critic - saves calories that way :) hee hee

Thanks so much, Vicki. I have come out of the rut I was in - not sure I'm doing a bit better but seem to have a better feeling about it, anyway. Perhaps chocolate and caramel lattes helped? ha ha

Arts Web Show said...

it's coming on well.
We hit those ruts sometimes.. but usually get through it in one piece