Wednesday, September 22, 2010


22" x 30" Arches 140# hot press paper
Daniel Smith paints

I could fiddle with this more and more and more...but I'm trying to make the painting look like the photo = not what I want.  I want to explore my artistic vision of something and don't think I accomplished it with this one.  I also find that working this big one returns to simple mistakes - like Irina said, having the horizon line right in the middle - and like I see, being too timid with the colors.  Painting wet-in-wet and I have to know when to get really dark to let the values show better.  Although things are misty and steamy, they still need darks.

So...learning how to paint bigger is like learning how to paint smaller - more thinking and less fiddling with the paper!

Now on to the next full sheet - again, using the Yellowstone photos as reference and motivation.

Here's the photo.

And below is the painting started this morning.

I'm calling this one

Full sheet (22" x 30" Aches 140# cold press paper this time).


debwardart said...

Darn, girl, I miss a couple days of blogging and you have 3 paintings up - good grief! I'm impressed with the smoke/fog - that's hard to do. And, next stop huge paper - you are a masochist!

RHCarpenter said...

You snooze, you lose, Deb :) Hope you're doing FINE - busy with Viewpoint? Painting? Resting? Eating well? All those things, I hope. Yes, I keep thinking I should push myself more - not sure where I'm going but my bag is packed and I've got a sandwich to tide me over...

Irina said...

I like the color choice very much.

RHCarpenter said...

Thanks, Irina. I need to punch up the colors a bit here and there, maybe.

Pam Johnson Brickell said...

Wow. You dear girl, have been a whirling painter! I keep seeing all your post announcements on my internet home page - go girl! I'm bummed as working for a living is getting in the way of keeping up with your efforts. I don't paint big very often either. I always feel like I'm jumping off the dock into deep water and hope the grip on my nose holds :) Keep pushing :)

RHCarpenter said...

Pam, I can't swim but I can snorkel - go figure!! Something about having those fins on makes me realize I can do it so maybe I need to put on my fins and mask and go for it! ha ha
Sorry life it taking you away from your painting, though :(