Monday, September 20, 2010


I looked at this one, pinned to my bulletin board, each time I entered my little painting room.  It looks a bit stilted but I hope to become looser with my portraits as I continue to do one every week.  I touched a bit more pinks to the faces here and there and put the numbers in behind them.  Done for what it is.

Full sheet (22" x 30") Arches cold press 140# watercolor paper, Daniel Smith paints.

Looking through my photos after reading a bit in my latest Watercolor magazine, I thought about big skies and the photos of big skies I have.  What to choose next?

I picked this one that shows a very cold, lowering sky that looked and felt like it could snow (in September) at any moment.  And I liked the complements of the blue-greys and the orange-browns so...

This photo, taken in Yellowstone National Park, was chosen for my next attempt. 

And I started with a full sheet Arches 140# cold press, finding a big brush to touch in the colors lightly, middle to bottom and then middle to top, turning it upside down and working on each area separately.  I need a bigger brush that is soft and holds lots of water - any suggestions?

I want to work lightly and build up those darks slowly.  We'll see if my impatience allows me to do that!

Testing the waters with full sheet paintings before my roll of paper arrives...and then I'll be playing in the BIG TIME! ha ha


Carol Blackburn said...

Ah, so you are impatient too.....
Stop by and see my watercolor called "Windswept" if you haven't already. It was my exercise in patience! You are off to a great start........

Artoholic said...

You are a brave woman to paint full sheets! I don't think I'd have the nerve!

Go go go! I love seeing those images emerge, as if from the deep.



RHCarpenter said...

Carol, impatience is my middle name! I like how you've done your painting Windswept and didn't overdo it, taking it slowly. I'm not convinced slow is better in painting but careful and attentive is definitely a must for a good finish :)

Cindy, just trying to go bigger by doing the full sheets now, getting used to it. May need some bigger brushes! ha ha

Anonymous said...

Hi RHC - thanks for dropping around my side - I think this is a great start to your painting of Yellowstone - I find it rather scary thinking about the size of the volcano deep down there fueling the geysers and stuff - but perhaps the less we think of that the better - (o:

I like your start here - you have the perspective on the clouds right - they kind of squeeze up in the distance.

And I love to hear you working on full size sheets.
A great brush would be the biggest squirrel hair mop you can find. They are lovely and soft and hold buckets of water. Fill up with nice rich colour and use with abandon. There are snippets of videos of Alvaro C on You Tube if you can find them.

I intend to return to see how this progresses

All the best


RHCarpenter said...

Thanks, Stephen. Glad we got the posts straightened out - I know it's frightening to think about the volcano under Yellowstone...and that it could erupt some day! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!