Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Hot as blue blazes!!
99F is too hot!
I should be cranking the air up and painting. But I'm not. I'm still tired.

Did you know that low levels of Vitamin D can cause fatigue and achiness and other problems? I just found out I have very low Vitamin D - we are all at risk for this now because:

1. We don't stay out in the sun a lot
2. If we are in the sun, we have on 50 SPF sunscreen

So, for years they tell us stay out of the sun and now we're all becoming Vitamin D deficient. It's the latest concern in the medical journals.

I'm going to have to take mega-doses of supplements and see if I begin to feel better. Also, I'm back on my LOW FAT diet since my cholesterol is up higher than it's ever been. It's a good thing there are so many low fat things to eat these days - and if that's true, why are we still a nation of obese people? Did you know that American girls are starting puberty now as early as age 8?? Why? They think it has something to do with obesity and our high fat diets.

(Your Vitamin D level should be between 30-80 with a nice level being around 50. Mine is 24 - oops - time to go sunbathing on the deck in my polka-dot bikini and my RayBans!).

That's my medical news for the day.

Now I really should GO PAINT...


Christiane Kingsley said...

Take care, Rhonda!
Until recently I had been taking high dosage of calcium supplements, but now new research claim that such supplements can increase a woman's risk of heart attack by something like 30%. We can't win:-)
Happy painting in spite of the heat.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

What an excuse to sit around and laze in the sun!!! but then I know your guilt will kick in and you will rush off to your paints. Its been quite a cool August here in England - could do with some sunshine.

Carol King said...

I've always believed that a little sunshine is good for you. I hope you get your vitamin D up and your energy as well.

I went through a extreme bout of lethargy. Turned out I was severely anemic. It's always good to listen to what your body is telling you.

RHCarpenter said...

Thanks, Christiane, Joan and Carol!

Christiane, I've read about the calcium and wonder about that, too. Seems like everything they tell you to take causes something else you don't want. Where does it end?

Joan, it's a medical anomoly here in the states - you mean you haven't heard about it yet? Just wait - I imagine our cousins over the pond are even less in the sun and in need of a vitamin D boost!

I'm not anemic so it may be the vitamin D problem - we'll give it some time and see if it helps. I have 3 months to get in good shape before a recheck of the bloodwork. No more Starbucks frappacinos for me :(

Marilyn Fuerstenberg said...

Rhonda that was me too mine D level was 19 I took a prescription Vitamin D for 12 weeks then 1000 units daily. Will have my blood test on Aug 23 will see how or if it has improved. Yes I am not as tired as I use to be.

Carrie H. said...

It's hot here now. 8-13 - but you know Oregon- it won't last and I should wear sun screen but most of the time I don't. I found a tube of stuff for bug repellent that contains sun block because the mosquitoes are worse this year. The heat won't last that long then we'll be back to rain so I'm just going to enjoy it..... and sleep with a bag of ice cubes on my forehead.

RHCarpenter said...

Carrie, you have the problem with the heat and humidity from all the rain rain rain!!! I hope you don't wake up in a puddle from sleeping with a bag of ice on your head - but that would make an interesting painting, eh? ha ha I guess we all have to suffer together this summer!