Friday, August 6, 2010


I got a lot out of painting with Deb and Sharon yesterday, and it didn't even storm (like it was predicted to do). They both have good eyes - critiqued some work I'd done and told me little things that would make it more finished. Both Sharon and I are trying to choose what we might try to get into the Viewpoint Show (deadline August 31) and extra eyes help - especially when those extra eyes are artist's eyes.

Here are a couple of the crow paintings I was doing. I think the changes made brought them to a better finish - thanks for the ideas, Sharon and Deb :)

And the deck chairs - this is the one I cropped and still hated the waves that didn't work so Sharon suggested I just use a gouache on the water and push it all back. I used white gouache mixed with a Verditer Blue and it seemed to calm that a lot. It looks flat so it definitely won't be one I'll try to get into the show. But I consider more resolved now.

These aren't the ones I'll try to get into the show - you'll have to check back to see those.

Deb worked on her casein painting of her grandmother's teapot and some roses.

I didn't get a photo of Sharon's work - she had a drawing she was doing and then using frisket film over it but didn't get any painting done while I was there. Next week she'll bring some things for us to critique and say which ones should be entries for Viewpoint.


Vicki Greene said...

Look like you have been busy resolving some paintings and this clears the mind many times. Really like the first crow painting. The blue greens and the dark birds just look good to me. I also like your drizzles.

Christiane Kingsley said...

How lucky you are, Rhonda, to have such artist friends to spend time with. I love the "drippy" background of the first crow painting! I think that you have many great painting to choose from for the upcoming show.

Teresa Palomar Lois said...

I'm so envious of you right now Rhon, meeting with fellow artists friends for a paintings session and chat sounds like heaven, so you've already on all the paintings you'll try to get in the show? can't wait to see which ones you chose. On a different note, you've uploaded my fav photo of yours to your profile, the multicolored hair one! it was due time dear, gorgeous, goooorgeous and mischievous, just the way I like you :P

jgr said...

So glad for you to have artist friends nearby. I've been following along with your 'Deck Chairs' and I must say they look great! I like the crows, too.

RHCarpenter said...

Thanks, Vicki and Christiane. It was fun to take these and see what ideas came from Deb and Sharon. It looks like the water behind the crows is crooked but I think it's just the way I photographed and cropped it.

Teresa, you are too SWEET!!! Oh, how I'd love to get together with you and pick your brain for ideas, art talk, etc. But we'll just have to do the online thing until one of us wins the lottery.

Carol King said...

Love the crow paintings. You are really working on a lot of projects right now.

RHCarpenter said...

Thanks, Carol. The crows were a series I began a while back and now I consider them finished - that doesn't mean there won't be more show up in a while :)