Saturday, July 24, 2010


No. 4 of the drawing challenge (from Myrna Wacknov), went in a totally different direction.

I like the linear quality and the design elements and his hair which started as squares and then became filled in squares that show the tight, curly look of his hair. This was a fun one but I had to stop before I did too much. Because the lines were the main thrust, left out any color on this one.

And then, after a day's rest from No. 1-4, I did No. 5. I don't like it as much...I need to make changes that seem logical to me but kind of jumped on this one back one step. Perhaps more linear work...or just a splash of color...or...could be something interesting next. I used Tyvek paper and a really big, thick, water soluable graphite stick for the drawing tool on this one and then added the color.

A couple of people have called this Chinese Whispers - like the game. I never knew what the name was but you start by saying a sentence in a person's ear...they then pass the sentence on to the next person...and so it goes down the least 5-10 people later and you have something different. So this is what Myrna and I are doing with this drawing challenge = Chinese Whispers Drawings :)

Where will the next drawing - based on nothing but this drawing - go? I think I should put down the brushes and use just pencils, crayons, etc. and get some more work into them - now they seem a bit slap-dash. (I said I wasn't going to critique these but just let them take me where they will after 10-20 versions and I've already broken that rule.) Myrna is using collage in her latest ones!


jgr said...

What a cool exercise! I love the top one, it has a nice feeling of mystery. Very striking in black and white.

RHCarpenter said...

I'm not opening up areas and designs and things yet - but there are plenty to go - just have to let go of the concept of face and figure and lean and go for it! Thanks, Jane :) That one is my favorite so far, too = more design, less painting.