Thursday, July 1, 2010


Well, I have been working here and there, an hour or two at a time, on the drawing aspect of the newest full sheet painting to come. Couldn't draw with my eyes dilated (from a quick visit to the optomotrist when I began having flashing lights across my right eye = not a detached retina, thank goodness), and couldn't draw with a migraine or the aftereffects of the whiny!!! Could someone please give me some cheese to go with this whine??

I've also been watching Wimbledon. Now that Federer's out, I find it hard to get as interested about any of the remaining men's or women's players. (I suppose it will be a real coup if Murray wins and the stadium will erupt in slightly reserved pandemonium. Perhaps the Queen should visit more often? And I do enjoy seeing Murray's mates in their tartan kilts ;)

(All photos taken from Wikipedia.)


jane said...

Hi Rhonda!
I bet y ou had an "occular migraine"-don't really understand it but I had one and I thought right away something mwith my retina too-I was taking Percocet for foot surgery at the time so didn't feel the pain in the head that comes with this type of migraine-lucky me!
take care,

Christiane Kingsley said...

Rhonda, I hope that you will get rid of your migraine very soon. Take good care of yourself.

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Glad the retinas are intact. That would be terrible! Sorry about the migraine. Hope you are back up to speed soon for some more groovy paintings!

RHCarpenter said...

No, Jane, it was what they call vitreos degeneration...the liquid in your eye becomes more gel-like and it pulls away from the back (not pulling from the retina but from the back of the eye), which creates the big floaters or flashing lights = I've had both eyes do this so no more will happen = only one per eye and it doesn't mean I have to worry about my sight or am more prone to a detached retina - it's just OLD AGE!!

Christiane, thanks. The migraine is gone but now I have a tender, sore neck (just one side). Whew! Feel like things are falling apart, bit by bit - but it's just temporary! Like an old raggedy doll, I'll just stick the pieces back on and get on with it! ha ha

Elizabeth, I was scared when I read about the detached retina and was very relieved that is not what happened. I can deal with the floaters and lights. Am getting back up to speed, slowly but surely.