Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Well, as some of you know, I got to spend several hours yesterday with Sandy Maudlin in her studio, talking, sharing a Starbucks grande, visiting, and playing with paint with no sense of destination - just a joy in the journey.

Kathy came by and we had to go out to lunch together and share more time visiting and chatting and eating while sitting beside the lake and watching the boats, the green of the landscape and feeling the soft touch of the breeze on our faces as we talked, ate and smiled.

I do have 2 things to share, including the finished (!!!) Queen of Hearts painting. It was a lot of touch the paper with this pigment/value, step back, think, look away, look again, touch the paper again here, step back, etc etc etc. But that's the way a painting gets finished and I find I need another set of eyes just watching me to help me get there and tend to rush and ruin on my own in my little art room. So just having Sandy there helped me stop and listen to what the painting was telling me.

Sandy shared a painting on her blog and talked about me climbing in the window - an exercise in my flexibility, to say the least! ha ha So I won't talk about that here. You can imagine - one leg in and body through and over but not before working on a stable platform that ended with my shoes caked in mud and my blue pants mud-streaked. And I didn't mind at all because it was silly and funny and it was done so we all could get back inside to our painting supplies!

I haven't photographed the work I did yesterday...but I will and will share it later today. But for now, I'm just enjoying the morning. Can you believe it gets down to the 50Fs at night now - in August? I love that it already feels like autumn sneaking towards us, day by day getting closer.

Enjoy your day - create something - call or visit a friend - hug your dog or cat or horse or guinea pig - have a lovely, rich, delicious drink to savor as you stand at an open door or window and breathe in the scent of autumn calling...

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