Saturday, August 22, 2009


The trip to the Taft Museum of Art on Wednesday was wonderful. We spent quite a while looking at Emil Robinson's paintings (4 in all, one a very large skyscape one could almost walk into). His delicacy and accuracy with the human form is to be envied! I felt I was standing at a window watching these 2 separate figures disrobe (or perhaps they were putting on their clothes?), and almost able to reach out and touch that piece of cloth, that strap of the bra, etc. Beautiful work and interesting foundation to paint on = aluminum.

I also slowly walked through more of the collection than I had done in previous visits and saw oils by John SInger Sargent, Rembrandt, and Joaquin Sorolla - all portraits. I even picked up a new journal at the gift shop (I have to have new journals all the time even though they go in a drawer and wait until I'm ready to use them - could be years!).

I've reworked the Queen of Hearts painting and will share it later. There were things I didn't like so gave myself some time away from it and have just done some little sketches lately to keep doing something and working through some new ideas for paintings later (maybe).

I need to get out more of my Pitt pens and use them on my sketches because most of these are just 0.5mm graphite sketches and are pretty faint in areas.

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