Friday, August 21, 2009


Just a couple of sketches done in my little Art Journal based on the

Ann has signed up for this and I might, too.

But right now I'm waiting to see what Manifest Gallery offers this fall to see if I can take any of their instructed drawing classes. But if you can't get to a live drawing class in your area, check out this site. You'll learn a lot if you can be self-motivated.


Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Love the Queen of Hearts. Sorry you are having trouble with glazes. It all depends on the original tone layed down as to whether they work or not. The two most common ones I use is lemon yellow over green leaves to give a feeling of sunlight and the other a bluey purple glaze over local colour to create shadows.

shicat said...

Thanks Ronda, I'll check out the drawing website.

jgr said...

Thank you for the link to online tutorials, I appreciate it. And the skull is looking good!

Ann Buckner said...

Way to go Rhonda. Good job on the skull and the male sketch. How was the museum trip?

RHCarpenter said...

Thanks, Joan. Yes, glazing this traditional way in large areas is not my cup of tea :)
Thanks, Cathy, Jane, and Ann - if you can't get a live class, do get something good online to work on your skills, whether it's drawing or painting. Checking out the DVDs available at Creative Catalyst is a good option, too - you can watch it when and as many times as you want - and much cheaper than a week-long workshop.