Saturday, August 22, 2009


I'm still playing with this one. I know it doesn't look like I want it to look. So...step back and think.

What don't I like? Well, that black stripe on the left, for one. So get rid of it.

Then why not get rid of the background around her as it does nothing for the painting. what?

Fiddling, playing, needs more whites so get out the gouache and opaque paints to brighten it a bit.

But now it needs some darks...but where?

Hmmm...still working and reworking. Do any of you go through this process or do you know where you are going as soon as you put down the first brushstroke?


Candy said...

I'm not sure where you should put your new darks, but I do like the lighter version. As for playing with a painting, I once started a snow scene and ended up with a fall scene with all the fall colors:)

My word verification is "bettet". Is that some special thing for Las Vegans only?

Sandy Maudlin said...

Hey, I like the changes. Think about the importance of the facial features...ask what would happen if the heart eyes, etc, were eliminated in favor of a simplified face or no specific facial features at all... just thinking.

Can't wait til Monday when we get to sling paint any way we want! See you then.

Teresa said...

If you're a bit lost just bring out your first sketch, it was a good starting point and mabe it's easier for you to look for some possible changes putting the sketch and the current piece next to each other.

RHCarpenter said...

Ah, this one...the problem is I can keep working on it and working on it because of the gessoed paper. How do oil painters ever get a painting done?? ha ha
It will sit for a day or two and I'll go back with fresh eyes and look at it again and see if anything jumps out at me to change right then. And then: Change one thing and step away!!!