Monday, August 31, 2009


Here are a couple of little things I've captured with the camera. Why? Because we often don't notice the little things that build this world. So stop, take a breath, and notice these today.

When you leave your bathroom window open all night to get the nice, fall-like air inside, you wake to find some interesting little things in your bathroom the next morning. Isn't he/she cute?

And outside, on a sunny day, this little acorn seems ready to travel far - what a journey that would be for this little one, so tiny with the world so large and looming ahead.

Some squirrel dropped this one, having his/her pick of the hundreds that line the sidewalk beside our house from our huge oak tree. When the wind blows, the sound of acorns hitting the roof on the sunroom is like a shot: POW!!! Enough to make you jump!

Off to the chiropractor's again today to be adjusted one more time. My back is better but I have to not stand for long periods of time, not sit for long periods of time, and I guess that means keep moving moving moving!

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