Sunday, August 23, 2009


This was the glazing experiment/exercise done and then a landscape painted on it (to cover up the blossoms at the bottom of the painting and behind the silo). Not bad. Anyway, it's done :) Trees are not my forte, as you can see!

This first download/upload (?) shows my camera version, taken in my little art room (believe me, it's too danged small to call it a studio!).

This second version is the painting (what would fit) put on the scanner and showing the colors. This is more true to the real painting. Guess I wasn't paying attention when I quickly snapped the photo and downloaded it.
I think delicate colors don't show as well on any setting on my camera and, as I walked through the house with this painting in hand, I could see more violets and then more blues and grays, etc. So I think a glazed painting would be different for the viewer, depending on the light in the room, etc. Anyway, time to move on.
I need to seriously start thinking and working on another portrait for David Lobenberg's SP Global Love-in Challenge (will try the one the majority of you wanted me to paint in a more traditional watercolor way).
And tomorrow I go and play with Sandy Maudlin in her studio, helping her with whatever she needs while also having a whole day to experiment and play with paint and paper!


Cindi said...

ok, im jealous!! i want to play tomorrow with you and sandy!! why can't you gals live closer?? waaaaaaaa!!! LOL

RHCarpenter said...

Cindi, come on over - there's room in Sandy's studio for more :)

Vicki Greene said...

I like this Rhonda. The colors are great. said...

Keep painting and playing. What better to do with a day?

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Great to see where you took this painting and yes, the scanned image is much warmer. You are so lucky to work along side Sandy - I am truly envious.

RHCarpenter said...

Thanks so much, Vicki, Bill, and Joan, for your comments today. Bill, I know playing has to be done sometimes with no view to the outcome just to get some things out of your system!
Joan, I forget how lucky I am to have such a good teacher/friend in Sandy - and have had that for 6 years!!