Monday, August 3, 2009


In the mail today came this lovely little treat, a beautiful art trading card from Angela. She also included 3 of her business cards that are atc-sized, too :) Pretty cool, eh?

Thanks for the trade, Angela :) I love the flowing lines of this one.

Here's what Angela wanted in trade - it's a little art card that's watercolor and collage on rice paper over watercolor paper.

No painting for me today. On the phone a lot asking people to fill positions that will be open for our watercolor society. Getting a lot of no's - maybe I'm not cut out to be a telephone solicitor?

BTW, I was a big winner at the track but since Jerry was my betting agent, it all stayed in the same household and just rearranged whose pocket the money was in - so I didn't even have to bet at the window, just told Jerry and he covered my bet. Poor thing! Even though it was his birthday, he lost 5 out of 7 bets he took, including 4 for me and one for Jenny! Of course, no bet was over $2 so it didn't break the bank - or allow me to fly off to Paris for the weekend!


Margaret Ann said...

What a beautiful trade... on both your parts...HOw fun!!! :)

Kathy Wirth said...

Love these floral art cards. Beautiful!

debwardart said...

I love the card you are sending! Good luck with finding "VOLUNTEERS" (ha ha!)

RHCarpenter said...

Thanks, Kathy and Peg :) The card is lovely and light and has such great lines.
Deb, don't laugh too hard - I may come knocking on your door!!! Thanks for the comment on my card :)