Sunday, September 21, 2008

Vancouver Island Trip - Butchart Gardens

Butchart Gardens is a 55-acre setting full of more flowers, plants, trees, shrubs and ponds than you will see anywhere else in Victoria or on Vancouver Island (I think). Victoria is proud of its flowers and it seems everyone has a green thumb. Butchart is the culmination of their love of flowers.

They have formal rose gardens, Italian gardens, Japanese gardens, and ponds everywhere. They even have a small cove where seaplanes drop off visitors from other islands or tour groups - and where a lone sailboat can come for the day to dock and visit.

Datura in full bloom. When we visited New Orleans a few years back (1 year before Katrina), the teenagers were making a tea of this flower and being rushed to the hospital. They wanted to get high and, instead, got almost dead :(

Froggie pond

I was going to do this as a slide show but seems the "easy way" to do it no longer works and it wouldn't work for me with the instructions (I really am not that computer illiterate, it just wouldn't work after I did everything they told me to do!)

There were fuscia flowers in all colors and sizes all over in the Italian garden, along with a hedgerow and statuary.

The entrance to the Japanese garden and a lovely pond with water lilies and a waterfall.

A lone sailboat in the cove.

And a rhythmic fountain in a pool that also held an otter who splashed and swam around, finally coming out to the shore to sun himself.

Someone has to plant the seedlings!

And these are just a few of my photos - just imagine what images Jerry got!


Vicki Greene said...

Your pictures are beautiful!

RHCarpenter said...

Thanks, Vicki. You'll enjoy seeing Mohan's paintings in tomorrows entry :) I saw so many of his and remembered almost all of them that he had framed and hanging.

Ann Buckner said...

Rhonda, I am enjoying the armchair traveling via your photos and words. Lovely places you are sharing.

RHCarpenter said...

Glad you are enjoying them, Ann :) I hope you are resting after the birthday celebration! I have 2 posts for tomorrow sharing Mohan's paintings I saw there and pics of his studio.

Nava said...

These gardens are truly something!! I loved the dancing fountain - after gazing at it forever and taking tons of photos and two movies, The JohnnyB had to practically drag me away from it. :-)

I think that was the last time and place we had sunshine during our visit Vancouver Island - the following days were very gray and non July-ish... did I mention how lucky you were?