Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Susan's Generosity

One evening we had a scrumptuous dinner at Fish Tales, a restaurant in the British Tudor style right on the main highway of Qualicum Beach. Dinner was so filling we didn't have room for dessert! ha ha

When we returned home that evening, Susan said she had something she wanted to give me. She was going to wait but realized I needed to figure out how to pack it for the trip home so wanted me to have it now.

A matted and framed painting of Fish Tales that Mohan had painted. Well, I was thrilled, touched, moved, and could not believe she could part with any one of his works of art but I was so glad she did. It will be a cherished work that will grace my walls from now on, and like the other painting he painted for me (for an artists' SWAP), every time I walk by it, I will stop and look and smile.

Thank you so much, Susan, for everything. Words can't express...

And that's not all. Nigel, one of the "boys," is also an artist and does amazing pen and ink drawings. He gave one to me and one to Jerry the day before we left!! I had to give him a big hug, of course, which was awkward because he has to be 6' 6" tall :) Susan is also tall so Jerry and I both seemed tiny compared - they must think they grow them small in Kentucky :)

Here are Nigel's drawings - they are gorgeous!!! He always does black and white or throws in some touches of red once in a while.

Thanks again, Nigel, and it was a real pleasure to meet you!

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