Monday, September 22, 2008

Mohan's Paintings

Many of you who follow this blog will have had the pleasure to get to know Mohan through his words and his sharing of his artwork on several online painting groups at Yahoo. Those of you who didn't meet him that way, I'm sorry because you missed meeting a special person, not just a wonderful artist.

Susan took us into his studio (and her sewing room) to see where he set up his work during rainy days and there were several paintings on the walls. They were like seeing old friends since he had shared the majority of them with us as different painting sites.

I hope you enjoy seeing them - and the studio.

This painting of Mohan painting himself holding a painting was an usual departure from his plein aire landscapes - but it's pretty darned creative and fun, don't you think?

And the one of the mountains was painted after he had watched the old movie, River of No Return. I believe that was starring Robert Mitchum and Marilyn Monroe.

Susan said in his later paintings he became more bold and used stronger colors. This scene is one of the later ones. I like it very much and the colors were wonderful to see.
However, the scenes of ships on the sea were some of my favorites.

The peacefulness of this scene just makes me sigh.

We always admired how he lightly brushed over the paper, keeping those sparkling whites as an integral part of all of his paintings. We also thought it was because of the paper - but I touched a sheet of that paper, folks, and it was a smooth and soft as butter,not rough textured at all! It was a master's touch that created these scenes, not the paper or the brushes (one hake and one round) or the paint (Winsor Newton tube colors).
After we saw the paintings on the walls, Susan let me go through 2 portfolios of loose paintings - some old friends in there, too, but many new ones I'd never seen. All wonderfully painted, from his first trials until he settled into his signature style. It was a treat for me and yes, it did bring tears to my eyes.


Vicki Greene said...

Thanks for sharing your trip and Mohans paintings again. I was suprised after all of this time that they would quickly bring tears to my eyes just knowing that I would not see a new one painted by him. He was a very special person and I am glad that you and your DH have taken this trip and are sharing the beauty of the area.

RHCarpenter said...

Glad you enjoyed seeing them again, Vicki. He is missed by so many who were just briefly touched by his artwork and his friendship online.

Deborah A. Léger said...

Mohan's paintings are, and always will be, so beautiful! Isn't it wonderful how he lives on through them for us? Looking at his work makes me realize how important it is to paint what really moves us.