Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ladysmith, BC: Cranberry Farm, Herb Farm, Etc.

After our pub lunch, we drove off in search of Yellow Point Cranberry Farm. I've always wanted to see a cranberry bog - you know, the men in the waders up to their knees or thighs in cranberries floating like round garnets and rubies all around them.

Here is what a real live cranberry growing on a vine on the ground looks like.

And here is what the cranberry field looks like before it is flooded - and, unfortunately, I didn't get to see it flooded because they weren't going to start that process until October!! Wahhhhh! But it takes 3 days to flood their fields at Yellow Point and then only 1 day to harvest (mostly for Ocean Spray) the berries which float to the top (the bad berries sink to the bottom) and are corralled and gathered and cleaned and sorted, etc.

A gorgeous view, but not what I wanted. I wanted to see the Ocean Spray guys wading in the cranberry bogs. Guess I'll have to go to Maine or Wisconsin (I heard they have lots of cranberry bogs, too). I bet you have to be there on just the right week, though, or you miss it.

This beautiful machine was, I believe, for juicing the cranberries. Can't remember now but I did see machines for sorting, cleaning, and readying the cranberries for packing. The wood in this was lovely and it was so sturdy I imagine it being used still decades from now, if not centuries.
We did buy some small jars of cranberry marmelade but the nice man at the Vancouver International Airport took mine away - too large to take on the plane :(

After the cranberry farm we toured Hazelwood Herb Farm and got our fill of smells - I loved walking through the many types of rosemary, sniffing each one, rubbing the scent on my hands. Love it! The couple who own and run the herb farm make their own soaps, jams, lotions, etc. - just about anything you can think of - from the herbs they grow. I bought some soaps that are too pretty to use and smell heavenly!

Then on the way back to Qualicum, we stopped at French Creek, a working harbour town.

These are not tourist boats but working fishing boats, going out in the early mornings to catch whatever fish they can catch.

Then back to Susan's for "a cuppa," and a nice slice of something sweet - and to give Teddy a few pats and hugs.


Marilyn Fuerstenberg said...

dyvdicSounds llike you had a wonderful time. I loved hearing about Mohan. I can almost hear him say step back from the computer to view the painting better. I, too am the lucky owner of one of his paintings.

Cranberries, are about ready. I think Cranberry fest is this weekend.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful trip.

RHCarpenter said...

Thanks, Marilyn, for stopping by and commenting. I guess I need to get back to painting as I've lost all of my commenters lately! I've been thinking about painting each photo I used on the blog - but can't get motivated right now for some reason.
I can't believe how a person can touch you when you've never even met in real life, can you? It seems we do develop such ties to each other as we travel our art journey together. It was wonderful seeing his work and where he sat and painted, too. You all have cranberry bogs nearby??

Deborah A. Léger said...

You're making me think of cranberries and turkey - yummmm - thank goodness Thanksgiving is only two weeks away! lol. (Well, the Canadian Thanksgiving, that is.) That cranberry press could make another really interesting painting, Rhonda. Imagine it cropped to very closeup of certain parts and painted! Or even as a whole. Too bad you missed the Ocean Spray guys. I've loved seeing all your pics! I still think you should slowly work at a journal of it, though! (I've always wanted to paint a journal of a trip but know that it would be impossible for me to do while actually on the trip. lol)