Thursday, September 18, 2008

Home Again!!!

Although we had a wonderful time, it's always good to get back home. Our experiences in Vancouver on the mainland of BC were not as wonderful as our week on Vancouver Island - more about that later. But it was great meeting Susan, seeing a lot of the sights around her home in Qualicum Beach, and have more photos than I'll ever be able to share. But I'll share the best. After I catch my breath, do some laundry (our luggage was just delivered to our house although we arrived home at 1 am this morning), and make a dinner for my sister who is still without power at her house (just one county away) since Sunday afternoon. Apparently, remnants of Ike decided to rush up the country through our area and into Ontario at 80 miles per hour!! No major damage, and just some clean-up necessary around here and a check of the roof to see if any of the shingles on the driveway were ours (my sister said it was covered but our neighbor must have cleaned them up for us).

So - will share some pictures and words about Vancouver Island later. I highly recommend the trip even though it was a long one. They say it's Paradise and they just might be right!

Susan, they took away my cranberry marmelade at the airport after scrutinizing it for a full 3 minutes looking it up and down and sideways! So have a piece of toast and marmelade for me tomorrow morning :)