Monday, June 23, 2008

Thinking About Peaches - UFO Peaches!

There are these small, flattened, white peaches at the grocery. They are sweet and delicious. The other kinds are hard and so unpeachlike (is that a word) that they may as well be hydroponic tomatoes (horrid!!!).
So I buy these small ones.

The monthly project for WatercolorWorkshop is still Fruits and Veggies.
So I'm thinking about peaches.

What do you think of these shots?

Which one would make the best painting? to mix some warm yellows and oranges and try to paint fuzzy :)
Oh, and whatever else you do today, don't forget to have a few fantastic moments in there somewhere!


Sandy Maudlin said...

I like the bottom one the best myself. How/where will you leve the white of the paper?

Dawn said...

I like the last photo too. is the white police on patrol today? ;)

RHCarpenter said...

LOL! Yes, the White Police are out in force, today, Dawn :) Sandy won't let me NOT think about the whites anymore - which is a good thing :) That whip hurts sometimes, though, when I forget! haha

RHCarpenter said...

Sandy, I will think about the whites - and compose accordingly before I ever put paint to paper. Thank you for keeping me "on the sunny side of the street" by making me maintain those whites :)

Sandy Maudlin said...

You will be so glad you keep the whites for this. Promise. WP

Nava said...

Are you still taking votes? I'm also for the bottom one - it has nice movement and a nice overall dark shape.

Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

I love the taste of these peaches, too, but can't remember the name of them right now. They are something like "pincushion" peaches or something like that. I like the one on the bottom, too, it looks the most interesting.

I think there is an impish side to you that will find some way of resisting leaving many whites, but we will see! :) I think some very light yellows would work in this case and still be legal?


RHCarpenter said...

Thanks, Nava and Susan - I think the votes are still coming in but it looks unanimous :) Meanwhile, I got sidetracked with something totally different :)
Susan, I was thinking a pale yellow would work for these, too, but I'll try to see some whites - or Sandy gets out that whip! :)