Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday SALE - Sweet Peony

This will be my first time putting a painting up for sale on my blog. I will do this, one painting at a time, and only on Sundays, and you can pay through my PayPal account by clicking on the PayPal BUY NOW button at the end.

Today's painting: Sweet Peony
Painted with Daniel Smith transparent watercolors on Arches 140# hotpress paper.
It has been painted from edge to edge on 1/4 sheet = 11 1/4" x 15" and can be matted down to 10 1/4" x 14 1/4." Sold as is (the color is as close to real life as possible with a photo), unmatted and unframed.

Price = $95
Includes postage for Priority Mail and Delivery Confirmation tracking within the US, International Priority Mail outside the US.


Nava said...

Love the composition and colors - you can almost feel the softness of the petals!!

RHCarpenter said...

Thanks so much, Nava :) I was pleased with the glazing on the hotpress and how it turned out. I'm trying my hand at selling - but it may be the worst time to sell artwork right now. Oh, well, nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

Nick said...

I think this POV is often the best for many florals, and there is some real brio to the brushwork here. Bravo Rhonda!

RHCarpenter said...

Thanks, Nick, for stopping by and for your comments - always fun to see what you think about a painting :) I just ordered my Da Vinci fluid acrylics today!! I'll be trying your batik technique soon.