Monday, June 30, 2008

Return to Minerva - Design Elements

While working on this painting, I was constantly thinking about colors, warmth vs coolness, and size of shapes as well as whites, darks and mid-tones. I don't know why I was thinking so much - maybe it was because it was more abstracted than a regular painting; maybe because I was painting nothing but shapes with a figure worked inside/around them. Anyway, this was the first time I just automatically thought that way. I think it means I'm finally "becoming" an "artist," or at least I'm thinking like one :) But I also was getting tired and should have quit before I did - so there are still some things that need to be worked on before it can be called done. I'm thinking of using some opaque colors now and maybe using more calligraphy lines and stamping to finish it off.

I'll take it back to class tomorrow and try to finish it off with some strong lines and more "intention" behind the shapes.

The latest Watercolor Artist magazine has a great article about artist, Cathy Hegman, who paints on gessoed gatorboard and hardboard as well as illustration board. She creates some gorgeous, colorful, textured watercolor and gouache paintings. Check out the August 2008 issue if you can get a copy! She starts the article with these words:

"In every good painting, the artist leaves bread crumbs for the viewer to follow. Personal content, characteristic brushwork or individual marks and symbols provide evidence of the journey the artist took to get to the finished piece."

I like that image - but so far my bread crumbs got mushed up somewhere in this painting - or maybe I got hungry and ate too many of them!


Ann Buckner said...

This is quite an interesting piece with all its shapes and the placement of Minerva. My most favorite area is the work on her chest to hip area. Looking forward to the next phase of this painting.

RHCarpenter said...

I think I need to redo the part outside the main blocks - they just aren't working. I also think I need to get in there with some almost black darks and move the eye around - gotta do it - stop being such a wimp....

Nava said...

My first thought when I saw this one was "what a cool composition!!!". Then I noticed you photographed it on top of the painting board with all that blue paint around it.

Now... being the happy-accident seeker that I am... why not mount it on top of a watercolor paper painted blue? I think it can add a lot to it, as it will work very well with all the rectangular shapes you have!!

RHCarpenter said...

Thanks, Ann and Nava! Nava, that isn't an accident - I'm glad you like the blue because it is part of the composition - you'll see when I show the finished one next :) That is yupo paper and it's the whole sheet - I left just a slight edge around it that isn't painted.