Tuesday, June 24, 2008

In Class: Translucent Yupo/Minerva + Finished Lizard Ladies

I worked a bit more on the Lizard Ladies at the Spa, after some more critique in class about what to push back, what to bring forward, and little odds and ends to change, rework, etc.

Still just a fun thing - nothing to hang on the wall - unless maybe it's a kid's room?

Then I picked up the piece of translucent yupo and put my drawing underneath I had prepared a la Carla O'Connor style - traced it with an Inktense watercolor pencil and went right to painting.

This one seemed to paint itself. I was in the zone. It flowed. I thought about where to put certain colors. There are still things I will tweak about it and change. But so far a pretty good effort for today, I think. (I love creating texture on yupo!)

Minerva, Queen of the Mermaids.

(Comments always welcome - what would you do to this to finish it off?)

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