Saturday, June 7, 2008

Artist Reception - First Friday Night

I went to an artist's reception yesterday evening for a friend from the Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society, Joyce F. She had her paintings showing in the front of this very funky, cute and eclectic shop called Creative Hands and Artisan Shop in Bellevue, KY. Since her camera was acting up, I took a photo of her next to some of her paintings on the wall. She had watercolor, pastel, and acrylic paintings for sale. Stop by sometime and see the show - it's up through June.

It was fun to see so much activity, since it was "first Friday" and all the galleries and shops were open for customers to walk through. There was even a theme: pajama night. So, if you wore you pajamas, you got a discount on anything you bought. I have to tell you, at first glance, it looked a bit odd to see adults running around in their pjs in broad daylight on the streets of Bellevue! ha-ha

Joyce's show and the gallery showing her work was well attended with people in and out the whole time I was there and they had a fantastic duet in the back singing so well I thought it was a cd playing! And the dolls in the back part of the gallery, all created by different artists in a doll-making guild, were so creative, fun, and just fantastic!
Now I'm off to my open sessions drawing group - haven't been in a while so I hope I'm not too rusty.

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