Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Again? :)

Well, I took the 2 tries at the cordyline plant to class. Sandy's critique was to just start over :) She was right.

So I did. This is not 1/2 sheet, it's just 1/4. I am going to do this again, trying to keep the whites and get a good mottled background that works - and if I can do that, then I'm going to do this again on 1/2 sheet hotpress.

That's the plan, anyway.


Michelle Himes said...

Rhonda, one of the things I admire about you is your willingness to do a painting over again until you get it right. I'm sure that you learn a lot that way, and I wish I could convince myself to do it too.

RHCarpenter said...

I wish I could say you're right, Michelle, but that painting just keeps sitting there unfinished! haha