Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tuesday's Class Work - Cordyline

I worked on this in class yesterday. I have to admit, I was not in the mood to paint, finding plenty of reasons to sit and look and just sit and zone out! So I'm not happy with this. Sandy recommended one more thing and I'm going to try that to see if it helps it BUT either way I'm going to paint this again differently - no glazing but just go in with mixtures of paint on the paper while it's wet and try to get the darks and keep the whites that way. We'll see. Since the Twinrocker soaks up the paint and water, I'll go back to either Arches or Fabriano for the second version.

What do you think about this version? What does it need to make it work? I think the reds are overworked - I got too opaque with the paints and I need to sort my paints and make sure I'm keeping the transparent look to them, not laying them in so thickly at times. I bought a dark, rich blood-red yesterday, too, which might give me a boost with getting that color right. And I need to let more colors blend - right now the purples look too blah.


debwardart said...

I see you got over your "painting slump" quickly!
How about a yellow-green around the purples to make that "pop" a little? Then hit the reds again at the base with even darker red (with maybe a touch of deep blue that will gently blend into a purple at the base) and let it fade up.
If you do it again and glaze - start with a yellow (Quin. gold) and then a coral and then some red - and don't cover up each layer completely. That will give you a richer, deeper red.
Don't give up on this one!

RHCarpenter said...

Deb, maybe I got over the slump too quickly! Should have waited. It's ruined and time for a complete do-over. This time I'm going in with the colors wet-in-wet and letting them blend and run and mix as they will but keeping track of whites and darks (I hope).