Saturday, May 24, 2008

SWAP 20 Started

I have been the List-Mom of the SWAP group on Yahoo for - 5 YEAR'S!!! - now. And our 20th SWAP got underway with mailings to partners going out on Monday the 19th and Tuesday the 20th.

But I got my SWAP painting earlier than I expected. It's a gorgeous painting of koi and it's been double matted with white and red. It's by Laura A from West Virginia and I am sooooo pleased with it! It is definitely going to be the star of the show on my wall of fame where I hang my SWAP paintings. And it is going to brighten my day every time I look at it. Thank you, Laura!!!

And not only did I get that delivered by UPS on Friday evening, I got another painting today in the mail - all the way from "over the pond" in England by Marion B. She sent it as a 5th anniversary painting to help me celebrate! And it's a lovely little green-eyed seahorse done in Marion's signature style - I bet her grandchildren love her work because it's charming in the way the very best illustrations in children's books are. She has a great imagination and has shared it with me this time. Thank you, Marion!!!

Getting these 2 wonderful paintings makes me want tomorrow and Monday to be regular mail days, too! haha See, ladies, you've spoiled me already :)


Dawn said...

nice score on the painting Rhonda ;)
good luck with the redo on the cordyline. your photos of the ruined one, never made it look that bad.

RHCarpenter said...

Dawn, I know! These are wonderful paintings :)
Well, maybe that first painting can be saved but I'm going to need expert help and a pin in the rear to get me out of my "ruined" mindset and back to painting on it.