Thursday, May 8, 2008

Paint Along - Hollyhocks

Our paint-along project for May in the WatercolorWorkshop yahoo group is from a photo by Gina Hall of her hollyhocks. This should be fun! Will be finishing up the pelicans, too.

Wednesday's Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society meeting demo and talk was given by Stephen Blackburn. His pouring technique is interesting and he is a good teacher with lots of information to share. Here's a photo of Steve beside one of his paintings and another of his paintings he shared with us. (Maybe I should do the hollyhocks as a pouring painting?)


Suzanne said...

What's a pouring painting?

Suzanne said...

I've just discovered what a pouring painting is. Plus I've taken the opportunity to look through your recent posts. Love the Cardinal babies - I've been busy tracking my own robin's nest but without your better vantage point (my nest is way up in a corner of the porch where I have to reach, cross my fingers and snap). My robins are working on their second clutch which should be hatching any day now. The Cardinals and Robins look a lot alike at this age!

Melanie said...

wow! i cant wait to see your finished holly hocks - i love the oak painting - love it! i've always admired and wanted to try pouring - kudos for you for giving it a go... takes a lot of bravery, i say! but, your results are fantastic! happy painting!

Dawn said...

Hi Rhonda,

your cards will turn red after they are fully mature, of course the males are red, females and juv birds brown with some red feathers. you can tell the female from the juv birds, as she will have a red beak and topnot.
cant wait for the update!

lucky you about demo, you live in a great area for painters aye?

RHCarpenter said...

Thanks, Suzanne, Melanie and Dawn (I knew you'd know about the birdlings, Dawn :) I sure hope we have some males so I can see them turning red! Suzanne, I wish they were not just off the front door - we bother the parents each time we go in and out - but they are safe there and I can just peek down and see them as I leave or enter the house each day.
Thanks for the comments on the oak and hollyhocks, Melanie! I've been working more on the hollyhocks today and will post if Blogger stops being so slow!