Saturday, May 31, 2008

More Anniversary Paintings in the Mail + More Work on the Cordyline

Well, I think I may share the anniversary paintings coming in every other day as it seems that I may be getting one or two packages each day from the SWAP members! It's like having all your holidays and your birthday together in one week, having all these paintings show up!

Friday, I got a painting and a card from Gina in Washington,

Gina doesn't say, but I'm going to assume that's Sam Elliott on the horse - that's my idea of a cowboy!

and I also got an acrylic painting that is already in a frame and 5 cards (one for each year!) from Crystal in Alabama.

Can you see all the cute critters running around the inside of the "R"?

Thank you, thank you, Gina and Crystal, for your lovely artwork and your major thoughtfulness!!

And today, Saturday, I received this painting from my dear friend and sweetie/pal Teresa in Spain!!! This is a portrait of White Tara, the Buddhist goddess of Compassion, and this is just fantastic! And Teresa wasn't even able to participate in the current SWAP so I did not expect her to paint something for me!! But I'm not sending it back, no way, no how!!!

Muchas gracias, mi amiga!!!!

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