Friday, May 23, 2008

Cordyline Redux - Will Be Looser With This One

I started the cordyline painting again. This one will be on Arches 140# coldpress paper. I started with a value sketch and then got out all my pinks and reds (do you think I have enough?!?) to see what colors I want to use.

I put a piece of red acetate over the photo to see the darks and lights better - it helped me see the darks at the top of the photo which contrast with the light of the leaves.

Thinking more...that has to be a good thing, right?

After looking at the photo beneath the red acetate, I adjusted the value study a bit more.

I picked out the colors I'm going to use by doing a color swatch/study.

I'll take the "ruined" one to class Tuesday and try again, with Sandy's help, to rescue it.
And I'm ready to start on the new one - tomorrow!


Deborah A. Léger said...

Oh, I like this! It's looking great already and it doesn't even have colour down yet! lol.

Hmmmm, I think from the looks of it that you need a shopping trip for a few more reds and pinks! I mean there must be **one** red or pink that you might be able to find that you don't have??? ROTFLOL! Just kidding 'cause you know how I'm a paint addict, too! I feel your pain - now let's go shopping for paint! Wouldn't it be awesome to live close to a Daniel Smith store? Well, maybe too dangerous for both of us.

It's really looking good, Rhonda! I love how you're showing us all your steps. All that thinking is bound to shine through in the painting!


ps - what does (or will) your grandson call you? Grandma? Should we start calling you Grandma? (insert an devil grin here)

Ann Buckner said...

You are off to a good start with your value sketch and planning your palette. I was wondering which direction your greens will go, whether predominately warm or cool, and if you plan those out as well? Looking forward to seeing this and also what you do with the first Cordyline painting.

RHCarpenter said...

Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting, Ann and Deb :) Ann, I pulled out some dark dark greens - Perylene Green and a Holbein Shadow Green and are using them with a mix of Ultramarine Turquoise here and there and a touch of something brownish dark that was on my palette for the limbs in the bg.
You think I don't have every pink and red tone DS makes, Deb? Well, there may be one or living close to DS I'd be there every day. Wouldn't it be great to watch them MAKE the pigment???
Well, Devlin will call me Grandma Rhonda and Jerry is Grandpa Jerry - that's what comes from having 3 sets of grandparents! haha The girls (Jocelyn and Alaina) have always called me Grandma Rhonda except when they forget and call me Grandpa Rhonda! haha Well, there are a lot of Grandmas and Grandpas to remember for a kid!
Deb, you'll be there someday as soon as Zach and Matt get married and start families of their own (I know, you can wait a long time for that to happen! haha)

Tracy Wandling said...

Good for you! I know the the very rare occassions when I actually have a plan, the painting process goes sooo much smoother. I love the red acetate idea...I think I'll get me some of that! Looking forward to seeing how it goes. And I love that plant! Great subject.