Saturday, May 17, 2008

Baby Devlin Finishing Touches

I didn't do much more on this painting, but I did darken inside his mouth a bit and darkened just a bit in the hair on the sides. He's done - and I have a frame for him. We'll deliver him to Mom and get her reaction on Monday afternoon :)
This is an unsolicited painting so I hope she likes it.

Now we have plenty of work to do around the house and yard today - no fun but has to be done once in a while. I hope your day is spent doing something you enjoy.


Sandy Maudlin said...

The painting looks even better in person - delicate and gentle! I know they will love it.

Nava said...

I hope this means you're back in the painting mood!

It's a wonderful gift for the parents (and the baby, when he grows up).

RHCarpenter said...

I've framed him in a pale yellow frame which looks good with the pale colors and will take them Monday to his Mommy :)
Nava, I have started another painting - on Twinrocker paper! I thought, what the heck, I'm in a slump, let's get out the new stuff and see what happens! It's very different paper from Arches or Fabriano.

Michelle Himes said...

So cute! His mom is going to love this.

Doris Glovier said...

What a lovely gift for the new parents! How lucky they are. Rhonda, this painting is soft and juicy. The additional darks to the mouth was a good decision. Aren't portraits fun?

RHCarpenter said...

Thanks, Michelle and Doris :) I appreciate you stopping by and commenting. Looks like we won't be going to his Mommy's house until mid-week afterall. I don't know how we - well, really Jerry!, can be so busy - doesn't he know he's retired??