Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saturday Open Figure Session

Well, I stopped by Starbucks on my way to the open figure session today - first time I've been able to attend since the new sessions began April 5th. Thought I had plenty of time to maybe set up and get some warm-ups done before anyone else got there. I walked into the room and there were 1/2 dozen artists all set up and drawing and the model was posed!


Since there was only 1 person I recognized from any of the previous sessions (thanks, Kurt!), I went over and whispered, "Why is everyone here so early?" He then told me we start at 9 am now - not 10 am!

Oh, well! I chose an open seat and easel and got to work quick!

Graphite and then some charcoal. And I didn't do any measuring, just sight drawing everything. I really liked the pose he was in - we had a fill-in moderator today (Constance) who also teaches some of the foundational drawing classes. I thought she had posed and backlit him well (even if my seat was positioned in such a way that I was looking into the light).

I'll remember next week to get up and out of the house earlier :) but I'm not giving up my stop for Starbucks!


Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

Maybe being late worked to your advantage since I really think this one is your best yet! Or, it could be the Starbucks? Anyway, the muscularity and proportions are really good, so whatever happened, do it again!

Ann Buckner said...

I think your figures are getting much stronger and I like how you allowed the pillow to accent the figure.

Ces said...

I like the shading. His muscles are well defined. Don't you just hate that when you think you are early only to realize they moved up the start time :-)

RHCarpenter said...

Hi, Susan, Ann and Ces :)
Yes, maybe the pressure of knowing I only had 1 hour, not 2, was what I needed to just get to essence of it! The model is very muscular - he works out, is a wrestling coach and a tennis coach. He said today he has been modeling for art classes for 30 years!
Ces, I tried not to get too stressed about it and just dove right in.
I learned from the life drawing class that you need to "place" your figure - so many students don't put the wrap, chair, etc. around them and Carin said that helps you "see" better where certain things are - where the arm wraps over a pillow, where the edge of the chair touches the leg, etc. I'm trying to make sure I incorporate those things.

Melanie said...

especially the feet - which i really hate drawing myself! Very nicely done... nice shading and comp

ps - tx for the comments on my bird - i am not sure what it is either :) but i do love the painting!

Deborah A. Léger said...

I love the arm muscles, Rhonda! (I seem to have this 'thing' about arm muscles on guys! lol) Awesome job on that arm! Great work. I"m glad you stayed for the session even though you were late. (I'd probably have chickened out and left.)

Sandy Maudlin said...

Love the front arm and leg. Excellent.

Tracy Wandling said...

Well done! Great proportions and modeling. When I was a kid I learned to draw the figure from Conan comic books! Not that you see many Conan-like bodies everyday, but it was a great way to learn!
You're doing great!

RHCarpenter said...

Your comments are always appreciated, Deb, Melanie, Sandy and Tracy. I, like you, Deb, am a sucker for arms and backs - and his is very well muscled but not too muscle bound. He once agreed to hang from the rafters of the room if we wanted him to pose that way! haha The moderator didn't take him up on it but I thought, why not? At least a short pose that way? :) I would have chickened out but there was one person I knew so I didn't feel so bad and no one paid any attention to me - they were in the zone!

Deborah A. Léger said...

ROTFLOL! Hang from the rafters?! Ahhhh, the possibilities with THAT drawing!

But it's great to have a model so accomodating and willing!

RHCarpenter said...

He's a real character :) and doesn't complain about any pose or try easy ones because he's tired or whatever - I think he considers it another physical challenge.