Thursday, April 3, 2008

No Painting Yet...

Wednesday I was at the Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society meeting, taking minutes and watching Sam Hollingsworth paint a bunch of cakes on plates a la Wayne Thiebaud. (We are lucky to have a guest speaker/artist almost each month who shares their painting style or a new technique with us.) By the time Sam was done, we all wanted cake! haha

I have been working on the minutes since I got home yesterday afternoon (in between sleeping and eating and taking breaks). I want the minutes to be ready to send out tomorrow.

So no more work on the pears. I will try to get back to them tomorrow in between other things and in between returning to read more of A Thousand Splendid Suns, by Kahled Hosseini (he also wrote The Kite Runner, a wonderful book that helped me keep my sanity while in Belize being feasted upon by mosquitoes and sand fleas a few year's ago). This new book has already broken my heart, as did The Kite Runner, but I know it will be restored later on in the book. I highly recommend both of these books. They both leave you feeling the interconnectedness of all of us on this earth. The characters are that well-rounded and believable. So, if you aren't painting, I hope you are deep into a very good book!

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