Thursday, April 24, 2008

More Pouring and Pears

I removed the misket from the first poured painting and remisketed, getting some areas covered again and some new areas covered with the second pouring of the misket.

Now it has to dry and I will reapply some more color, I think, perhaps some more red and blue. I used New Gamboge, Permanent Red Deep and French Ultramarine Blue on this one.

On the second poured painting I am working more on glazing so the misket dried, I poured the yellow (New Gamboge) paint thinned with water and let that dry completely and then poured the red (Rhodonite Genuine) and let that dry. I will pour the blue (Cobalt) next. Already this is a much prettier, lighter color mix.

Here are the jars I'm using to mix the paint and water to pour on the paper. Remember, you pour the misket on DRY paper but you prewet (spritz well with a spray bottle) the paper before you pour the colors (something I often forget). If you use baby food jars, you won't feel like your wasting good paint when you're done because you can just cap them and keep them for a while.


Linda Stilin said...

Very interesting process. Do you find one misket is better than another?

RHCarpenter said...

Linda, the Pebeo Drawing Gum works the best, I've found. It can be thinned and it seems more fluid than the others I've tried so it works well with pouring techniques. It's grey-blue and you can see it clearly when you put it down on your paper, too. Thanks for stopping by and commenting :)