Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Slide Show of Ormond Beach Scenes

Here are more photos from my trip. The Fairchild Oak is huge - so massive that when you walk up to it you have a true feeling of awe. Not what that word has come to mean but the true meaning. You get a catch in your throat and you stop breathing for just a moment as you understand the age of this beautiful living thing.

Some of the photos are from the Ormond Beach Art Museum and Gardens. A lovely little forested and little lizard-filled (so cute!) area that has great trees, flowers and even a waterfall.

And of course, the egrets bobbing in display - a few males still hadn't paired up (and it may be too late for those johnny-come-latelys) and they were giving it their all, bobbing and stretching and fluffing out their feathers to attract a female. (My photos are just point and shoot and I wish I could show you Jerry's - which are fantastic, as usual! - but since I don't know which ones he may use in competition, I'll have to wait on that).

Enjoy my little pics while I do some serious housecleaning today and I hope to take a break sometime and get a little painting done just to feel more at home and back in the groove.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that IS beautiful Rhonda, can't decide on my favourite image, wish I could walk around there, sure you had a grat time on your trip! got tanned? ;)


RHCarpenter said...

Hi, Teresa! Thanks for stopping by :) No tan - I try to put on the strongest sunblock possible - tanning is for the young! haha

Deborah A. Léger said...

Love the photos, Rhonda! Wish I'd been there!!