Sunday, April 20, 2008

Birthday Cards

No painting yesterday or today but did make up 5 birthday cards for all the birthday people coming over this evening. Jenny, my step-daughter, got the best one of the pears - and a new breadmaker, which she asked for, and a little cash to spend as she pleases (probably on shoes - or garden stuff :)

Now I've got to cook - something I never feel comfortable doing because I don't really do it enough to get good at it and am always sure some disaster is going to happen (things not done, not hot in the middle, too runny, too something!). But you can't share birthday hosting with 4 other couples who all cook and have good stuff (like homemade lasagna) and then just order pizza when it's your turn...or can you?


Deborah A. Léger said...

Beautiful cards, Rhonda. I especially love the very first one on the left! Is that the one your step-daughter received?

Next time, when it's your turn to cook, let your pals know and we'll come up with a fool-proof easy menu that will knock their socks off! lol

Hope everything turned out perfectly!

RHCarpenter said...

LOL! The photo looks better than the card IRL, Deb. The best one was the one on the upper right and that's what Jen got. Something fool-proof and easy would be great - hopefully, this gathering will move around for a while before we have it here again but everything turned out well.