Saturday, February 16, 2008

SWAP 19 - Painting for Susan R + Figure Sketches

My artist friend, Susan Roper (see sidebar for her blog), really wanted this painting when I did it and suggested it would make a great SWAP painting. So...when I drew her name as my SWAP partner this time, I knew this was the one I had to send to her.

Saving whites is not easy for me even after 4 year's of being told to do so by my wc teacher!! So this one worked - glazing something slows me down and makes me think more and paint less so I think I do better paintings sometimes when I just take my time and glaze each layer. If you remember, this was a challenge using just 3 colors and it made me put Rhodonite Genuine on my palette at home because it's such a lovely pink (and lightfast and permanent, unlike Opera Pink).

And here is what I did in the open figure session today. I was tired and sore (shoulders, neck, upper back) from hanging the large paintings with Bob Nowicki yesterday (I am getting sooooo old!!! MORE CHOCOLATE!!! I need MORE CHOCOLATE - and STARBUCKS LATTES!!!), so sat and sketched and took my time. I wasn't crazy about the pose (I prefer models who don't want to lie down and doze while posing - I want them to put some effort into it) but Rob lit it in a very interesting way so there were some good lights and darks and in-betweens :)

The first one is done with graphite pencils and the second one is done with charcoal pencils (and I used my artistic license to make it more interesting).

AND Rob Anderson (our moderator for Saturday morning open figure sessions) is having a show with a couple of other artists at the Dicere Gallery - opening reception tonight 6 - 9 pm. Rob knows his stuff, drawing and painting the human figure and portrait. Check it out if you get a chance! ( for directions, info)


Tracy Wandling said...

I saw this SWAP painting on Susan's site's gorgeous! The sketches are great. Love the drama you have captured in the second one...beautiful. Hope your body gets back together soon...more chocolate should definitely help!!

RHCarpenter said...

Thanks, Tracy :) It's just aging - whether we look our age or not I think our body still knows! haha

Ann Buckner said...

I just love the SWAP painting you gave Susan. Good work Rhonda!

Deborah A. Léger said...

Beautiful, Rhonda! I love this painting! Your figure drawings look good, too.

RHCarpenter said...

Thanks, Ann. She wanted it when I painted it so it was a good thing I remembered that when I got her name as my partner this time. Can you believe we are on SWAP 19??
Hi, Deb! Thanks for stopping by and posting :)