Friday, February 29, 2008

A Series of Torturous Paintings

In my watercolor class, Sandy Maudlin is torturing us!

She is having us do a series of 7 paintings - yes, 7 of them! - from the same photograph. We must choose
1) a major design element
2) a compositional element and
3) a unifying color.

And we must choose these three things seven different times for 7 different paintings. So....

Week One (Chocolate Pots).

Not too difficult because I chose
1) Shape
2) Cruciform
3) Cerulean Blue

Week Two (Checkerboard Pots).

Not as fun and breezy because I chose:
1) Size
2) Checkerboard
3) Viridian

Week Three (Pointillistic Pots).

What? Yep. Crazy! Because I chose:
1) Direction
2) Horizontal
3) Lunar Red Rock + Sap Green (got tired of just choosing one color)
And this is just number 3!!!! We have 4 more to go!!! Help!!!! My next elements are chosen and they are
1) Color
2) Pyramidal
3) Quinacridone Violet. I'm a dead woman....I don't think I can do this 4 more times so I'm just going to focus on this one - just this one - hey, I can do color! I can do a pyramid shape! I can put in Quin Violet. One painting at a time, right?


Nava said...

Rhonda, these re so truly creative!!!

As someone who did 20 paintings of the same image - TWICE (2 different images, but still - 20 versions of each), I say - of course you can do seven! You'd be surprised by the results.

Very cool that your teacher is inspired by Myrna's ideas!!

Tracy Wandling said...

Go, Rhonda, Go!!! You can do it! LOL You've already done 3 lovely pieces...and just think of how much you will learn! We're here to cheer you on!!!

Dawn said...

you are a brave women Rhonda. LOL! I do love the first on the best so far, but quin violet....hmmm a favorite color of mine. cant wait to see it!

RHCarpenter said...

Ah, Nava, just thinking about 20 versions makes me want to pull my hair out! haha You are sooo brave! Sandy has definitely been inspired by Myrna (and I'm hoping a workshop is in the future for Indiana students :)
Thanks, Tracy and thanks for the encouragement and support!!!
Not brave, Dawn, just following the teacher's orders :) Stay tuned for the quin violet one!!

Nava said...

Well, you can see one of my 20-paintings series here:

I definitely pulled my hair out, but it was an amazing and experience - and I did it again!

Ann Buckner said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the seven different versions Rhonda. After you finish the paintings, will you be doing a self-portrait showing the bald places? Thought you would get a chuckle from that idea. :D