Sunday, February 10, 2008

Finally Finished WatercolorWorkshop Artist Portraits

Well, I apologized to both of these ladies since I didn't do them justice at all. But here they are. I won't name them until someone guesses who they are over at the Yahoo group where this was a group project for February.

I obviously need to do portraits more often to keep in the groove.

Now I think I'll read the rest of the evening...


Watercolors by Susan Roper said...


Thanks again for making me look so young and happy, as I was in the ref photo. Well, at least happy anyway! One cannot ask for much more than this, no wrinkles or sags! You done good, girl!


Nava said...

Hey, don't be so harsh on yourself - these are good. You got a good likeness in the case of Susan (I looked up her blog sand saw her photo). Now I'm curious to see who the second one is.

RHCarpenter said...

I'm so glad you like it, Susan! You know, it's really hard to put in wrinkles so I can't take deliberate credit for that - it's just easier to keep the skin smooth. Besides, your photo didn't show any sags or wrinkles at all!
Nava, thanks - the first one is Pat Sann from WatercolorWorkshop and I'll show her photo so you can judge if I got her close or not.

Tracy Wandling said...

Well I think you did a lovely job...and I love the colors! I have yet to attempt a portrait in watercolor...trees are soooo much easier. And Susan seems to think you've captured her, so, Well Done!
Wish we had some interesting art groups around here...would be so much fun to have the kind of interaction you have!

laura said...

I don't know these women, but I think these are good paintings, especially the top one which is more informal--I love the falling wisp of hair. In fact, the hair is quite nice on both; as is the limited palette you've used.
BTW, I love the portrait of you--the touches of red are fabulous!