Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Checkerboard in Class + Portrait Start

With a lot of comments, critiques and help in class from the other students and Sandy, I think this is finished. I sure don't want to work on it any more! haha What do you think? Remember it was all about 1) Size and 2) Checkerboard, and 3) Viridian.

And I started the portrait challenge/project at WatercolorWorkshop - painting from the same photo. I hope I can put in some darks now without overpowering it and ruining it - we'll see.

The photo was taken by a WetCanvas member called devymarie and this is called CAndace Posing. CAndace is a lovely redhead with deep, dark brown eyes and beautiful freckles (which she probably hates).


Ces said...

You have been very busy. Looked like you had an amazing show. it's wonderful to see all those women create beautiful art. I like the dancing kellyfish.

Melanie said...

hi! this is good!
i avoid viridian at all costs... have never had much luck w/ it. i love the way you've tied it all together..
also - how does one get involved in the portrait challenge on WC... i am a 'member', but have never actually explored the options - it seems so overwhelming!
but, i've wanted to paint people more, and this seems like a great opportunity..
any info you can provide would be much appreciated!!
I saw your comment on Carol Carters blog that you are taking her workshop... I AM SO JEALOUS! she's my all-time fav... how she does what she does w/ color is beyond me.
Cheers! sorry for the long comment!

RHCarpenter said...

Hi, Ces, it's always a pleasure to see you stop by :) The jellyfish were easy on gold gessoed paper so it just glides on - like jellies :)
Melanie, I hadn't used it for a long time but it sure does lift easily. I'll email you about the WcW portrait challenge...and yes, Carol is coming to Sandy Maudlin's (thanks to my saying YOU'VE GOT TO BRING HER!!!) in August - we're starting a big push to get students now - want to come to Indiana???